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-From Concept Through Completion-

Our process

Design / Consult

Regardless of the size or scope of your home building project, Cava is happy to meet with you personally to discuss your preliminary ideas, budget and schedule.

We will work with your selected architect or designer to ensure that the final product is a home which accurately reflects your needs in both form and function.  

For projects not requiring an architect, Cava has the expertise to guide you through the design and selection process.


Cava will coordinate the efforts of all team members - providing a simplified and seamless approach to complex projects.

We are adept at steering building projects through the myriad of zoning and building requirements to obtain the necessary permits.

To help eliminate surprises, we develop a detailed Scope of Work, Budget and Schedule for every project.


We believe that building and remodeling should be  enjoyable!  

Our client-centered approach reduces "construction anxiety" through dedicated involvement, strict quality control and effective communication throughout the process.

Our team of trade professionals has been carefully selected to provide our clients with approachable, conscientious and highly skilled craftsmen.  

About Us

Cava Compton

A licensed home builder and resident of Johns Island, Cava Compton has been working in the Charleston building community for over fifteen years.  With her extensive knowledge of high-end residential construction, coupled with her broad network of local building professionals, she is able to guide your new home or remodeling project from start to finish.

Why Choose Us?


As a trade professional who has worked with Cava since 2005, I can attest to Cava’s integrity – both on a personal and professional level. She truly has her client’s best interests in mind at all times – and makes sure that her team is composed of quality, like-minded professionals. 

- Greg Peterson

- GW Peterson Plumbing


From the perspective of a sub-contractor who has worked with both Cava and other contractors over the years, I can say that Cava’s projects are exceptionally well-planned and organized.  Her efficiency and thoroughness save time and money for everybody involved.

- John Griffiths

- John Griffiths Hardwood Flooring


Over the years, I have enjoyed working with Cava in my role as both interior designer and tile installation manager.  We have had many opportunities to plan and problem-solve together and I am always impressed with her ability to find creative solutions to design challenges.   Her completed bathrooms and kitchens are meticulous and beautiful!

- Lisa Geiger

- LG Design / Lowcountry Tile & Hardwood


As a building material supplier for Cava, I can attest to the importance she places on the use of high-quality building products in her projects.  From framing, to windows, to trim components, Cava is well-educated on product options and is selective in her choice of quality, climate-appropriate, long-lasting materials.

- Ty Babb

- Buck Lumber Sales


Cava is completely dedicated to the building process from start to finish. She truly loves what she does – and this shows through her planning, the atmosphere on her job-sites and the thoroughness of her completed projects.

- Jesse Norris

- JN Electric

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